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Make your watch smarter

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Smart watch solution overview

The article provides a smart watch solution for everyone. If you are interested in the electronics industry, you can buy the required electronic components to test at jotrin electronics.
A smart watch is a networked platform that interacts with smartphones and various other networked devices to perform tasks such as reviewing text messages and emails, playing streaming music, and screening incoming calls. NXP offers a broad portfolio of embedded solutions ranging from ultra-low-power Kinetis® L-series MCUs based on ARM® Cortex-M0+ technology to i.MX6SoloLite application processors based on ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core technology, and A variety of lightweight, feature-rich software options to support current and future smartwatch usage models.

The whole solution greatly shortens the line. From the input to the output process, there is no redundant link. The solution makes full use of nxp's technology and product advantages, helping us to feel the joy brought by technology and intelligence.

The characteristics of Smart watch solution 

Network mode
Check SMS and email

View streaming music and filter calls

Smart watch solution framework

Make your watch smarter(图1)

Target application
Sports/fitness monitoring equipment
Mobile healthcare device
Telemedicine products
Patient monitoring equipment



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